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Think of us as your in-house Amazon employee - without all the paperwork.

Who We Are

Here at the Uncommons Company, we’re not your typical Amazon FBA agency. Unlike most agencies, our goal isn’t to take on as many clients as possible. In fact, we only work with a small handful of brands at any given time to ensure we provide the highest quality service and you don’t get lost in a sea of other clients. That means we can’t work with everyone. We make sure we’re the right fit and feel 100% confident that we can deliver what we promise. We want to make sure we provide you with the attention your brand deserves.

The Uncommon Approach

Hi, my name is Chris Im. I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2016. I grew my Amazon FBA business to over 7-figures and eventually sold that business for a multi-seven figure sum in 2021. When I was in the process of building my Amazon business, I knew I needed help in order to scale. So I interviewed dozens of Amazon FBA agencies to help me scale. Unfortunately, these agencies only worked a certain clientele and charged an arm and a leg. They would charge an outrageous monthly fee plus a percentage of revenue or ad spend. They would promise the world to close the deal, only to underdeliver and get handed off to an entry-level account manager. Communication was sparse. Deadlines were pushed back. And deliverables were underwhelming.

That is why the Uncommons Company was born. I wanted to avoid being another cookie-cutter Amazon agency, but offer more of a dedicated in-house Amazon employee for your brand. That means I will personally be your main point of contact for all things Amazon. Here, you’re not getting handed off to a low level account manager with zero experience. Instead, you will be working with me directly. We’re very intentional in the number of clients we work with in order to provide the quality attention your brand deserves. Now, I obviously can’t do everything on my own. I have a very talented team behind me that I’ve cultivated during my time building my own Amazon business that transitioned with me to my consulting company. So rest assured deadlines and milestones will be met.

Looking forward to meeting with you and seeing how we can help!

What Our Client Say

How It Works

But First, Coffee

Like with any first blind date, let’s get to know each other better and see if we’re even the right match. We want to make sure we’re going to be able to provide you with the best solution for your business. Every client has different needs so we create custom proposals that best fit your situation. And if we feel we’re not the best fit, we’ll be the first ones to let you know because we want the best for your business.

Wine and Dine

If we’ve both determined we’re a good match, it’s time to wine and dine! We’ll make sure we set clear expectations so everyone is on the same page. We’ll establish a meeting schedule that fits with your timeline. Our team will pull out all the stops to achieve your goals. We’ll get you onboarded, get access to your account and get to work!

Performance Milestones & Updates

Now comes the fun part. We’ll analyze the performance and results of our efforts and adapt or double down as needed. We’ll establish key performance indicators to ensure we’re on the right path and provide updates every step of the way. Chris will update calls every two weeks to ensure you’re always in the loop of what’s going on with your business.

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We Offer Full A-Z Amazon Services

We understand every business is different. We assess each business case-by-case based on their situation, goals, and budget. You may not need/want everything we have to offer. So we can go a la carte or you can have the entire buffet. It’s up to you!

  • Amazon account setup
  • Brand trademark registration through Brand Registry
  • Strategic merchandise planning
  • Amazon FBA profit analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Deep keyword research analysis
  • Listing images photography
  • Listing images graphic design
  • Listing images 3D renderings
  • Listing copywriting (title, bullet points, descriptions)
  • A/B listing image testing
  • A+ content creation
  • Product launches for target keywords
  • Product ranking monitoring
  • New listing review generation Amazon PPC campaign setup 
  • PPC management and adjustments
  • User generated marketing
  • Coupons, promotions and deal setup and management
  • Inventory reporting and management
  • FBA reimbursements for losses and damages
  • Maintenance of good account health
  • Inventory replenishments
  • Product listing keyword ranking 
  • Monthly sales reporting and strategy
  • Seller support case log management

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© 2023 The Uncommon Company. All Rights Reserved

© 2023 The Uncommon Company. All Rights Reserved